Black Arts Matter

To describe the achievements of Shaya Ishaq in the field of fine arts, the word ‘amazing’ will be an understatement. As a black woman, all of her works centered on Black culture and empowering other artists of the same race. Her dropping from a school of journalism and pursuing pottery in a studio in Ottawa paved a way for her current success.

She fell in love with the idea of molding clay, sculpting the ideas on her head, and representing something substantial. She attended Halifax’s art school and progressed towards mastering her craft. Her ventures on wearable art were being showcased in her ‘Holy Wata’ collection.

Over the years, she continued to explore her roots in East Africa with art and also drew inspiration from fictional strong women of color in pop culture. Her creation of ‘Black Libraries Matter’ was so empowering for the purpose of promoting literary pieces made by Black authors.

Her stint at the Ottawa Art Gallery entitled ‘Reconcile/Overcome’ did not only present her outstanding skills in textile sculpture but also educated the audience more about Black slavery during the early years of the USA and Canada.

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