What Fashion Blogging Taught Me About Being Genderqueer

This is a summary of my essay of my coming out in front of the camera. I am just an ordinary girl that underwent different issues during puberty. I may have doubts before but I was certain how I identified myself.

I had somehow a tomboyish nature when I was a kid and I was carefree until puberty hit me hard. My body changed rapidly and I became more feminine as I grew up. When I studied for my master’s degree in Gender Studies at Queen’s University, I met this young guy who happened to be brown like me.

We entered into a relationship but eventually grew apart due to various reasons neither of us confirmed. I ran a fashion blog and as an excuse to bond with my man, I made him my photographer. We held photoshoots and had dinner afterward, but each time I was in front of the camera with him taking numerous shots of myself, my self-confidence was hanging in the balance, but I made subtle adjustments just to have this opportunity with him constantly.

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