A Black Queer Feminist Press Is Born

There is a hidden intrigue why blacks, queers, and feminists are undervalued in the publishing industry. It has long been a struggle mainly due to the pressures and stereotyping of society. For that reason, writers Whitney French and Alannah Johnson from Toronto have launched the brand ‘Hush Harbour’.

Hush Harbour will be the first of its kind wherein the platform is dedicated to educating, uplifting, and reinventing the image of Black queers and feminists to the greater masses. It will range from creative writing and fictional storytelling to historical inputs and editorial pieces. The brand is hoping to enlist a fleet of writers from the same community and hoping it will be a big impact in the mainstream.

The name ‘Hush Harbour’ was derived from the term used to describe a religious gathering location in the United States where the enslaved populations reside. It is truly a fitting name for the right cause. The first batch of literary pieces will be published around the autumn of 2021.

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