Alberta COVID-19 Restrictions: Masks4Canada

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken over the majority of 2020 and will continue to do so until a vaccine cure is invented and distributed. So far, the finalization of the cure has still more steps to cover. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is still suffering from the second and third waves of infection and that is why an organization in Alberta, Canada is strongly calling for stricter measures.

The organization is called ‘Mask4Canada’, an alliance of concerned citizens and doctors. They had sent a letter, with over 7,000 signatures in it, to Premier Jason Kenney for their concerns to limit places of gatherings to curb the overflowing situations in the hospitals. Thankfully, Kenney agreed and began implementing the measures immediately.

All sports and gym-related activities will be forbidden starting Nov. 13 until 27. Selling of liquor in pubs and restaurants will be stopped by 10 PM and the establishments must be closed 1 hour after. Any performance art-related activities will also be prohibited. This two-week push will be the quickest solution in hopes to contain hospital pressure and lower the number of infections.

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