In A New Book Series Canadian Critics Grapple With COVID-19 And Racism

Dan Wells and his ‘Biblioasis’ publication are set to launch a compilation of very long essays, entitled ‘Field Notes’, focusing on the issues being faced today: COVID-19 pandemic and racism sparked by George Floyd’s death. The series will be headlined by four authors:

  • Mark Kingwell = ‘On Risk’
  • Andray Domise = ‘On Killing A Revolution’
  • Rinaldo Walcott = ‘On Property’
  • Andrew Potter = ‘On Decline’

Mark Kingwell works as a philosophy professor at the University of Toronto. He is one of Harper’s Magazine’s contributing editors. His work, ‘On Risk’, talks about the misfortunes of 2020 and the risk of fighting against racism while the dreadful pandemic is ongoing.

Andray Demise is a journalist from Toronto and Maclean’s contributing editor. His work, ‘On Killing A Revolution’, focuses on corporate America’s attempt to co-opt the uprising for anti-racism.

Rinaldo Walcott is a Black studies professor at the University of Toronto’s Women and Gender Institute. ‘On Property’ was his attempt to connect the origin of racial discrimination to owning a property.

Andrew Potter works as an associate professor at McGill University’s Max Bell School of Public Policy. ‘On Decline’ as his call for concern on how an apocalypse is viewed in these modern times.

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