Disney+: What’s New In November 2020

Series (Fiction)

The Mandalorian (Season 2)

The second installment of the Star Wars spin-off hit will feature more galactic adventures of the titular character with his adorable companion dubbed as ‘Baby Yoda’.


The Right Stuff

The book of Tom Wolfe will be adapted by National Geographic and will center more on the first astronauts and the people in their inner circle.


The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse

This is an animated series of Mickey Mouse cartoons with other staple Disney characters.


LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special

This is another spin-off of Star Wars but this time, it will be a LEGO adaptation of the infamous ‘Star Wars Holiday Special’ of 1978.

Black Beauty

Based on the classic novel about a girl and her black horse, this movie will feature a modernized retelling of the story.

Series (Nonfiction)

One Day at Disney

The series revolves around the short stories of the lives of hardworking Disney employees.

Inside Pixar

Similar to the series ‘One Day at Disney’, this documentary will focus on Pixar employees instead.

Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom

This promotional series by National Geographic highlights the animals found on a Disney theme park.

Weird But True (Season 3)

Hosted by National Geographic’s Carly Ciarrocchi and Charlie Engleman, this is about a light-hearted and fun talk with experts concerning fascinating science facts.

Marvel’s 616

This is a series focusing on the behind-the-scene works of Marvel’s comic artists and storytellers.

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