LGBTQ Canadians More Likely To Experience Assault Than Heterosexuals Survey

The victims of physical or sexual assault are mostly not from the male gender. However, a statistics study in Canada shows that the LGBTQ community or sexual minority group experienced more physical or sexual abuse compared to heterosexuals. The number is said to be three times more than that of the likelihood for heterosexuals.

The survey was conducted in 2018, and there are about a million Canadians, ages 15 years old and older, who identified themselves as members of the sexual minority group or the LGBTQ. 11 percent of the group claimed that they experienced being physically or sexually assaulted during the recent 12 months. Meanwhile, there is only 4 percent among the heterosexuals who experienced the ordeal.

The study also showed that LGBTQ members have more likelihood to be victimized starting at 15 years old compared to heterosexuals. In terms of enduring incorrect sexual behavior while in public, 60 percent of the LGBTQ community had such experiences over the past 12 months while for the heterosexuals, only 22 percent had experienced it. This only proved how hard it is for the LGBTQ community to be on equal footing with heterosexuals.

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