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Five Surprising Reasons Why Your Mattress Affects Your Health and Sleep

A study poll conducted in 2012 by National Sleep Foundation showed that 92% of people suggest that for a good night’s sleep, a comfortable Canadian mattress is essential. A good sleep has numerous benefits including weight loss, improved memory, and extended life. You, therefore, have every reason to invest in a comfortable mattress if you want a good sleep.

On the other hand, sleeping on the wrong mattress is a distress and causes numerous problems including low back pain and neck pain. To understand why you need to invest in a good mattress, we have outlined five surprising ways that a mattress could affect your sleep and health. You will get to know the relationship between your mattress and sleep after reading this article.

  • Buying a New Mattress Could Reduce Your Stress

Studies have shown that some stress levels based on such factors such as headaches, irritability, racing thoughts, trembling, and worrying could be reduced by sleeping on a new and soft mattress. The reason behind this is associated with an increased quality sleep and decreased pain associated with a poor mattress.

  • Your Mattress Could be Causing Allergy Problems

According to WebMD, the number of Americans who are allergic to the buggers is 20 million. CNN reports that the allergy is worse to people with asthma. You can get rid of dust mites from your pillowcases and sheets by washing them in hot water.

It is advisable to use an allergy proof slipcover to bar the dust mites from travelling to your sheets and pillows from the mattress. The Better Sleep Council recommends that you use a vacuum cleaner to clean your mattress if the dust mites are problematic.

  • The Softness and Firmness of a Mattress is a Subjective Label

The softness or firmness of a mattress can only be established once you sleep on it. Comfort is what matters and you, therefore, need to spend not less than 20 minutes on a mattress before you decide to purchase it.

  • You Should Know that It’s Time to Buy a New Mattress if your Current one makes you Toss and Turn all Night Long

You are supposed to keep track of your sleeping habit so that you can easily detect when you are not sleeping normally. If you notice that you are not sleeping as comfortably as you used to, that is a sign that you need a new mattress.

  • You Might Not Find a Good Sleep if You Use Your Mattress as your Home Office

According to sleep experts, the bedroom should be reserved for sleep. When you go with your electronics in the bedroom, your sleep will be disrupted since these electronics emit blue light that disrupts the brain’s natural bedtime mechanism. You might find yourself staying up for long when you turn your bedroom into an office.


There is a great connection between a good sleep and healthy living. You will have an improved health if you make a habit of sleeping comfortably. Investing in a good mattress is the most essential process towards the journey of a healthy sleep and life. This article will enlighten you on the link between your mattress and sleep.

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