Art and fashion are two concepts that are rooted in creative expression. According to, Fashion is utilitarian but can also be an avenue of art. Art is after all a result of ingenuity and imagination that can evoke admiration or thought.  When you think about it, fashion is art applied in our daily lives.

Fashion can let you tell a story, evoke a feeling, or inspire ideas without using words or letters. Throughout history, art’s influence on fashion has created inspiration, encouraged revolution, and even started scandals. Let’s take a quick look at the beauty and drama of art in fashion.


Fashion designers have looked into modern and classical art to get inspiration for their new collections. Louis Vuitton made waves when it partnered with contemporary artist, Takashi Murakami.

The iconic multi-colored LV monogram print was made public in 2003 signaling the successful fusion of high art and luxury. Alexander McQueen not only shows his passion for art in his collection but also including performance arts and avant-garde installations during his runway shows.

For the 1991 collection, Versace featured the iconic Andy Warhol dress with a James Dean and Marilyn Monroe print.  This made pop art cool again that you can see it in custom t-shirts & hoodies.


Art is not only to channel for beauty but also an avenue for a challenge. Art has been used to share the artist’s voice in issues that matter. Pablo Picasso’s Guernica is named as one of the most powerful anti-war paintings while Juan Luna’s Spoliarium depicted the Filipinos’ sufferings in Spanish rule.

In modern times, protest in art was amplified thru fashion. Keith Haring’s pop art focused on social issues during the 1980s. His famous work Silence=Death is about addressing AIDS has been iconic and was printed on shirts, caps, and badges. Even the “woke” generation, continue to have custom t-shirts & hoodies with this print.


When art inspires fashion, it seldom ends in a royal scandal and debate. This is how Elsa Schiaparelli’s lobster dress became iconic.  Elsa Schiaparelli is a fashion designer during the 1930s known for her spirited and provocative pieces. She was so inspired by the Surrealism art movement and partnered with Spanish artist, Salvador Dali, to create a striking dress.

The lobster print dress was chosen by Vogue for a photoshoot with American socialite, Wallis Simpson. The shoot became a frenzy not only because of her personal life but because of the dress too. She was going thru her second divorce (which was considered scandalous already) and is also preparing to wed King Edward VII, who abdicated the throne for her.


The Royal Family highly disapproved of her and more so, the dress. They said that the lobster is an aphrodisiac and had a provocative positioning in the dress.

Art and fashion’s marriage can evoke beauty but also change society and challenge the norms. History shows us the power these disciplines have when they are together. What’s important is to continue respecting art and fashion’s freedom to express and create.

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