5 LGBT Neighborhoods Explore Across Canada

Canada is considered one of the most tolerant nations to the LGBT community, behind Germany and Spain. If you happen to be a member, then you will surely love staying in Canada for the LGBT festivities or even for good. Here are five of the best LGBT neighborhoods across Canada.

Toronto: Gay Village & Queer West Village

The Gay Village is the largest home for the LGBT community in Canada. Aside from being conveniently located in the center of Toronto’s downtown area, ‘The Village’ is also the headquarters where the community’s notorious ‘Pride’ parades are held.

Montreal: Le Village gai

This area of the city is near the rainbow-painted Beaudry Metro Station. In this place, all of the LGBT businesses of the city can be found. The best part is that between May to September, it will become a pedestrian-only area, making it very enjoyable and refreshing to walk as if it was the day of the Pride parade.

Vancouver: Davie Street

This area of Vancouver is filled with so many gay-themed establishments and transportations that there is even a rainbow crosswalk. The greatest feature of this area is being near to the beach and to the famous Stanley Park.

Edmonton: Jasper Avenue

Jasper Avenue may not be that large compared to the other neighborhoods in the list but it is growing in terms of influence and accommodation.

Winnipeg: Osborne Village

Osborne Village is considered the coolest and hippest spot in the city. That alone is enough to assure any LGBT individual.

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