Okanagan Ski Resort New Snow

Now that the winter season is here, snowfall is sure to be expected. There are already reports of possible outpours for the past days but the real situation tends to be even more than predicted. This is what happened on a particular Okanagan ski resort.

Since last Saturday, it was reported that Big White, an Okanagan ski resort close to Kelowna, will be experiencing a weather change coming from the Pacific that can bring about 17 centimeters of snow.

However, during the 24 hours that passed by, the resort received around 50 centimeters of snow, which is almost 3 times the predicted amount. Big White is scheduled to open this coming Nov. 26.

Last Saturday also, Environment Canada had issued a warning to Coquihalla about a winter storm that can bring forth 25 to 35 centimeters of snow from Saturday evening to Sunday. The Elk Valley of Kootenays also received a warning for a downpour of 15 to 20 centimeters of snow.

Meanwhile, in South Okanagan, there has been a report about 26 centimeters of snow in Apex Mountain Resort for the seven days duration. Baldy Mountain Resort also is being reported on having 31 centimeters of snow for a week now.

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